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Halloween Games - Candy TossPlace a small plastic pumpkin pail or cauldron on the floor or suspended by a cord from the ceiling. Measure off a distance of six feet for children or eight feet for adults from the pumpkin pail or cauldron and mark with a piece of colored tape. This is were the player must stand when they try to toss the candy into the plastic pumpkin or cauldron.

Next, hand out six pieces of candy to each player. The candy should all be about the same size. We like to use those miniature candy bars that come in bags around Halloween.

In turn, each player places their toes on the distance line marked with the tape, and then tries to toss all of their pieces of candy into the pail or cauldron one at a time.

When every player has had a turn, the scores are compared and the player who tossed in the most candy wins all of the candy in the plastic pumpkin or cauldron.

What you will need:

Plastic Pumpkin Pail or Cauldron
Halloween Candy
Note Pad & Pencil for Keeping Score
Measuring stick or tape measure
Colored Tape


Halloween Games
Halloween games

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